The Benevolence Committee is a small and friendly group devoted to putting our “faith into action”, striving to serve needs locally and globally. Our newest activity is volunteering the second Wednesday of each month at the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. Recent activities include organizing food drives for the Survival Center, Winter sock collection for the local cot shelter, and organizing work days with Habitat for Humanity. In addition to occasional collections for hurricane, earthquake, flood etc. assistance around the country and the globe, we also organize special offerings a couple times a year to donate to Neighbors In need, The Christmas Fund, and blanket and tool drive. 

The Board of Trustees is charged with overseeing the finances and maintaining the facilities of the church. In a small church such as ours,  this often involves a hearty dose of hands-on volunteerism, a bit of creativity, prudent decision making and a generous congregation. Thankfully, we have many helping hands and hearts that make this task possible.

The Board of Deacons is a committee of church members who are responsible for the spiritual life of the church. Deacons serve communion, organize ushers and greeters, host ecumenical church events, arrange for visitation, and assist the minister in a variety of other tasks. For questions or requests, please contact Senior Deacon Amy Novak at (413) 247-5631.

The Music Committee is responsible for the music ministry of the church led by our organist/choir director, Anthony Tracia. If you enjoy music, our chancel choir and handbell choir are always looking for new members (no experience required) For more information, please contact Glenda Flynn at (413) 247-5891.

Real Folks
For 140 years, women in our church have come together to experience Christian fellowship and service. The informal meetings and group projects enrich our outlook on local and global needs. The group provides physical and financial help to the church and community through fundraising, and group work-days. Some of our annual events include our famous Christmas craft fair, The Town Hall Election Day bake sales, A mystery dinner, and our Lobsterfest dinner fundraiser. All are warmly welcomed!  Please contact Sue Gilman (413) 247-5169 for more details about upcoming meetings and events!