The Town of Hatfield and First Congregational Church have been entwined in history for over 340 years.

Back in colonial times, any group wanting to establish a town had to first prove that a minister had been secured. 

 At the time, Hatfield was a part of Hadley,  and the Connecticut river divided the west side of Hadley from the East. A small, determined group of settlers had settled across the river on the West side, and they soon tired of crossing the river for church and town affairs.  They hired their first pastor, the Rev. Hope Atherton and then petitioned the Commonwealth to become a separate town. In 1670,  Hatfield was legally established and incorporated.   

The bonds and functions of the church and town continued as one entity for 160 years. The church was the site of town meetings and public gatherings. Until the late 1800's,  it remained the only church in Hatfield.

Our present building was built in 1849 and is our fourth house of worship. The first three churches were positioned in the same general location on Main Street.  The Town clock, installed in 1891, is still a  centerpiece of our community.

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